Thursday, February 1, 2018

I Tried Grove Collaborative (For the Freebies)

So there’s this new site floating around my Facebook and Instagram sponsored posts that looks pretty appealing. Of course, I’m a major skeptic when it comes to discounted things, especially when it’s online. I’ve been duped before, and I’m not about to let a site scam me out of money and charge me for things I never wanted or needed. I’m not sure about you, but I can just never be too cautious when it comes to social media ads. 

Grove Collaborative is a site where you can purchase and even get monthly shipments of your favorite natural cleaning products. They carry brands like Meyers and Method (both sold at target), as well as their own line of products. The idea behind it is that you get awesome, sustainable products for a lower price than what you’d normally purchase them for anywhere else. (it’s kind of like Thrive Market minus the groceries, if any of you have ever tried that!)

I was mostly drawn in by an intro offer that I saw advertised on Instagram about a HUGE free intro package, free shipping on my order, plus a free 60 day membership to the site. All I had to do was order $20 worth of products from the Grove, and that seemed like a pretty sweet deal to me. 

So, this is what I paid for. I got a Mrs Meyer's Multi-surface Concentrate ($7.99) and room refresh spray ($4.99), and Method bathroom cleaner(2.99). I also got these amazing microfiber towels ($5.95) that my husband and I both love! No more fuzz left on everything!

Before the shipping and free items came off, my total would have been $65
After all the discounts were calculated, my final total came to $23, saving me over forty dollars! 
And one of the best parts was that my order came in just TWO DAYS. I couldn’t believe how fast the shipping was. 

Here’s everything I got (and have been loving already) 

I had been considering switching our home to all natural cleaners since we now have a little one at home, but I always hesitated over the prices. Grove gave me the chance to try out over sixty dollars worth of products that I really wanted and use for only my original $20 spent. I’m going to use up the rest of my trial to see how things go, but the subscription fee is only $20 for the year, so I think it’s definitely be worth it for my family! 

Now we can have products that are family friendly and safe, and save tons of money in the process! I’m super excited to continue using Grove. 

What other services have you tried and loved? I’d love to try more! 

For an extra $10 off your first Grove order, click here

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  1. We tried Grove last spring and really liked it! I'm not sure if I always feel like the monthly price/things I get are worth it but when I need stuff its nice to know its already on its way!