Tuesday, February 20, 2018

5 Whole30 Habits I've kept in my daily routine

I did my second round of Whole30 in January, and this time around, I was so much more confident and determined to make a real lifestyle change. I knew it was time to give up a few things that had been dragging me down and making me feel sluggish and unbalanced. I learned so much more about my body this time, and I'm so happy with the way I've continued to feel as i've made changes in my food choices. Here are a few things I did to get back to feeling great! 

Big, protein packed breakfasts
My FAVORITE meal of the day is breakfast. I’ve made it a habit to keep eggs, chicken sausage, avocado, spinach, and sweet potatoes on hand for an amazing breakfast skillet that wakes me up and keeps me full until lunch! Being a mom means sometimes I don’t get to lunch when I’d like to, so protein packed breakfasts give me the energy to push through until I can find the time to eat again. 

Food prep 
While I struggled to do this at the beginning of my most recent round of Whole30, I’ve grown to love meal prepping, and the time it saves me later in the week. I’ve started roasting a big pan of veggies at the beginning of the week, and just sautéing them quickly to add to any meal later on. I also like to do a big roast or whole chicken in the crock pot, and and use the leftover meat for lunches or a soup later in the week. It saves on time and dishes, which is always a huge win in our house. 
Another option that I like is cooking a double portion of a meal that is easy to reheat, and save that for lunches later in the week. This way, we don’t have to resort to the empty calories of a deli meat sandwich, and we can enjoy a hot, healthy lunch without spending the time cooking every day. Stuffed peppers, burrito bowls, veggie bake, and fajitas are all really great options that are easy to make lots of, and reheat well later on! 

Cutting the sugar-filled coffee creamers 
My mornings used to start with sugary coffee creamer, which gave me about a 30 minute burst of energy, but then made me crash mid-morning. I get so much more energy from my morning coffee with sugar free, dairy free creamers like Califia Farms and Nutpods, and they don’t leave me feeling bloated and craving more sugar afterward. They have great natural creaminess and flavor, and I don’t miss the sugar at all!

Dairy-free meals
I haven’t added dairy to a single meal since January 1st, and surprisingly I haven’t missed it whatsoever. I LOVE cheese, but I knew it was making me feel horrible, and I was going to bed with a stomach ache multiple times throughout the week. Going dairy free was already a goal of mine, and Whole30 gave me the kickstart I needed to cut it from my diet altogether. It was a challenge at the beginning to find meals that I wanted to eat that weren’t smothered in cheese, but now it’s a habit that i’m so glad we adopted into our weekly meal planning process! 

Making my own versions of dips/ sauces we eat often 
Ranch and Mayo are the 2 that I most often keep on hand, but I’ve made a ton of different dressings, pestos, and dips with Whole30 compliant ingredients that are clean and taste even better! They're not only better for you, but they taste fresh and are more budget-friendly. We're huge on dips, so if I can save a few bucks and still have lots of options, that's a definite plus. 

Here are a few links to my favorite condiment recipes! 

And, for a quick guideline, here are the dinners I have planned for this week! 

Monday- Turkey Apple Meatballs with Roasted Golden Potatoes
Tuesday- Quinoa and brown rice bowls with pulled pork, guacamole, and salsa 
Wednesday- Thai Red Curry Veggie Soup 
Thursday- Tofu Teriyaki Stir Fry 
Friday- Grilled Chicken with Sweet Potato Fries and Homemade Chipotle Ranch 

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