Friday, October 20, 2017

Fall Faves

HEYOOOO, It’s fall!! 

I love fall. I love the hot coffee drinks, the excuse to stay in and bake all the time, the apple picking, and the CLOTHES. I’m a sucker for a good cardigan. I feel like i’ve been waiting forever for this weather to come, and on the first day of fall I put away all my summer stuff, even though it continued to be over 80 degrees every day. I did the whole thing where I ignored the forecast and just sweat my tush off all day. It was a great few weeks. 
Oh well, I digress.

It’s finally my time to shine. It’s 60 degrees, which means Cardigans, leggings, flowy tops, and booties. The Hallelujah Chorus is playing as I type this sentence. 

Since the weather did finally decide to change (hopefully for good), I felt the need to compile a quick list of my favorites for this fall! Being a new mama, I’ve been on the lookout for anything nursing friendly that is also comfy and easy to throw on in the 5 minutes I have in the morning to pull myself together.  

There are a few basic necessities that every girl (or guy) needs to get through the fall season. These needs include a good cardigan, a pair of booties, a beanie, a nice flannel shirt, and some basics to layer with. 

Cardigans are like my security blankets around this time of year. I toss one on almost every day, so it’s important that the ones that I have are good quality, and go well with jeans or leggings. I’m still mostly sporting last year’s looks, but a fave that I found this year is this cute tan cardigan from Old Navy (which is on sale for $28!) It matches denim really well, but also goes with most of the layering pieces I have in my closet. And it’s long, but slim for those of you who love the slightly fitted but slightly oversized look. I also love this one from Urban Outfitters, which gives me all the goodness of both a chunky knit and an oversized look (which I’m a total sucker for).
I’ve been really obsessing over booties this year. Last year, I somehow missed out on how cute and comfy they are. And now that I found a couple good pair, they’ve quickly become a staple in my everyday attire (because sometimes my converse just won’t cut it). I found a great pair of black suede-ish booties from American Eagle (on the clearance rack!) that are totally comfy and really make my outfits look less grunge and more chic. They were such a great purchase, and I even wear them sometimes on long wedding shoots! The other pair I've found that I LOVE are these ones from Target. 
They’re much more casual and match literally everything in my closet. #WINNING 

This hat from Little Haven Crochet has been a staple for me this year because it’s the most soft and comfortable yarn, but still isn’t too hot for those days you think you need a beanie when you leave the house, but start sweating at 10am. I have the color “Lake Clark” but she has SO MANY other great colors to choose from! It has the perfect amount of slouchiness, and did mention how comfy it is? 
I might need to pick up a few more..

Flannel is a new concept to me. I’ve never really owned a flannel shirt, because I’ve always had a hard time with the fit. It was always too baggy and frumpy, or way too small to button up. And that material isn’t exactly stretchy. But a few weeks ago, as I was perusing the racks at Target (as usual, amirite?), I found this one that fit me perfectly. It wasn't too short, wasn’t too slim fit, and was loose in all the right places. 
It was obviously in my cart faster than I could say “Fall is life.” 

Finally, with all the mounds of cardigans I’m sure we all have, we definitely need a few shirts to wear under them, or else things could get awkward. And chilly. I’m really into wearing tunic-style tops under a long cardigan, because it can go with both jeans or leggings. I recently discovered these amazing flowy tunic-style tops from Amazon (!!!) that I’ve been living in for the last week, because #Momiform. They’re somewhat thin material, but they layer really well. I personally feel that they fit slightly looser in the arms than I’d like, so i’m ordering a size down next time, but they are really flattering and they're the perfect length! And what’s even better is they’re under 15 dollars!! So that’s your cue to RUN (to your phone) and grab as many as you can! 

Oh, and I should also include this honorable mention, Old Navy Blanket Scarves!! I’m not quite ready to swaddle myself yet, but when it’s time, you better believe I’m tossing these babies on. They come in 13 colors, and they’re on sale! They’re not as huge as a lot of blanket scarves are, which I find to be awesome because all that fabric gets overwhelming. I just pulled them all to the front of my scarf bin. (Your time is coming, friends. Just give me like 2 more weeks)

I feel like every year, fall wardrobe options get better and better. If there’s ever a time I feel like I semi-follow a capsule wardrobe, it’s now. I find that my best investment pieces are for the colder months, which is fine by me because they’re my absolute favorite. 

What are your fall staples? Let me know! I’d love to check out a few new pieces before the season is over! 

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