Monday, July 31, 2017

Recap: Peach Fest at Spring Gate Vineyard

Good Morning, friends! I hope you all had a great weekend! 

I went to the Peach Fest this weekend in Harrisburg, and it was such a wonderful, relaxing time with my beautiful, dear friend Jenessa. We decided to go sans babies, and it was one of those things I didn’t realize I needed so much until we were there. Man, I haven't felt so relaxed in months. It was so, so needed, and I'm so incredibly thankful to have a friend and fellow momma to enjoy those moments with. 

For me, it’s been hard to remember to do things for myself since Oaklyn was born. I’ve only been away from her a few times, and every time I’ve felt guilty, like I shouldn't need or enjoy time away from my perfect, incredibly well-behaved new babe. I find myself constantly worrying about her, not letting myself relax if she’s not in my care. But my husband is totally smitten with his little girl, and he practically booted me out the door on Saturday because he was so excited to have a few hours with just her. So, I threw my stuff in a purse (which felt so weird, since all I carry around these days is a diaper bag), and we headed off for a few hours of baby-less bliss. And it. was. amazing. 

We got there right after it opened, (pro tip: DO THIS. We totally avoided the crazy long lines later in the day!) and headed right for the wine tasting. It was free, and they even handed out peaches, which was a cute little touch. The samples were a sweet Honey Peach wine and a Bubbly Peach Mello. We weren’t into the sweetness of the Honey Peach, so we grabbed a bottle of the bubbly and headed to the lawn to relax. It was a perfect day, especially for the end of July, and we just sat and enjoyed food from a few different trucks, and drank every last drop of that bottle. It was SO refreshing on a summer day. 


The vineyard had a few other drink features for the festival, including a Peach Belgian Blonde Ale (a little too hoppy for my taste), Peach Mello wine slushies, and a Peach Mojito that was incredibly delicious. There were also tons of food trucks on site; my favorite was the Peach pulled Chicken sandwich with pineapple coleslaw from Piper Belle’s BBQ. It really surprised me how well the fruit complemented the barbecue! 

We took a few laps around to check out all the sights, and in the end were satisfied with the 3 hours we spent there. I really enjoyed the space at Spring Gate, it was a rustic atmosphere with pretty, white barns and an open air bar. I checked out the website and it looks like they are always offering specials and events, so I am already planning on a return trip in the future! 

If you’re local to the area or love traveling for a good winery, I highly recommend checking out Spring Gate Vineyards! They really did a great job organizing this event. I know I’ll definitely be on the lookout for it year. With free admission, you really can’t go wrong with all the choices they offered. It was a very family-friendly atmosphere as well, so if you find yourself here in the future, don’t be afraid to bring the kids along! 

So, friends, what are your favorite wineries/breweries? My husband and I are totally on a winery kick right now. I just love the relaxing atmosphere, and we’re always looking to try new places! 

Happy Monday! 


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