Friday, July 28, 2017

4 Things I Miss About Being Pregnant

It’s the weekend, everyone! What are you all up to? I’m excited to head to the Peach Festival in Harrisburg tomorrow for some much needed girl time with a beautiful friend. I’m hoping to get some good photos for a new post next week! I’m really enjoying the beginning stages of blogging, and I’m excited for what’s to come.

I’ve spent hours compiling lists and writing out a schedule for this blog, yet somehow I kept leaving my first few weeks open and unscheduled. Maybe i’m planning for a time that I feel my blog will really “take off” or saving the really good posts for when I feel like the website is perfect. Then I realized, that’s just plain silly. I’m making this for me. For all I know, no one will ever read this, and I’ll have saved these posts for nothing. 
So i’m just diving right in. 

Pregnancy is hard. It feels like living in a constant state of marathon-running with a weight strapped to the front of you, while trying to suck down a double chocolate milkshake and eat a basket of curly fries all at once. I literally felt winded from washing my hands somewhere around week 36. 

 But it’s also the most wonderful, magical time. I’ve told my husband quite a few times that I’d stay pregnant forever, as long as I didn’t have to keep delivering and caring for more babies. Yeah, right. One’s good for now.

I have friends who absolutely hated being pregnant. And if that’s you, it’s ok to move on to the next post. I"m not offended. 
But let me tell you 4 reasons why I loved being pregnant and why I miss it (already).

1: Feeling little kicks and jabs.

Pregnancy can be so scary and overwhelming. When all you do is research and read and (try to) prepare for a baby for 9 months, it’s hard not to freak yourself out. There’s entirely too much information out there about things that can go wrong, making you doubt it’s even possible for everything too go right. I spent so much of the first half of my pregnancy in panic mode, thinking that I was going to bend the wrong way or cough too hard (hello severe paranoia. #firsttimemomprobs). Once I felt kicks, I also felt a sudden peace. Those movements were how I relaxed myself. When i wasn't sure if she was ok in there, I drank some juice and she woke right up, giving me a little nudge and telling me she was alright.

2: Loving my body. 

There was nothing more exciting than putting on an outfit, and really looking pregnant. Not full of breakfast burrito; actually pregnant. For me, it was right around 20 weeks that I looked at myself in the mirror and loved the new belly I was sporting. All of a sudden I was all about the fitted clothes and taking weekly bump photos. I loved this new body, and I loved watching it grow a little person. Some of my absolute favorite photos of myself are from when i was pregnant. Pregnancy gave me such a confidence in myself that I never knew I could feel.  

3: Having that little secret between my husband and me for a few weeks.

We didn't tell anyone we were trying to get pregnant, so it was fun to be the only ones who knew for a little while. We loved sharing little looks between each other when it would come up, and enjoyed planning put how we’d tell friends and family. From the day we found out, we loved planning for and dreaming about the future. It was such an incredibly special time that I can’t wait to have again some day. 

4: Decorating the Nursery

I absolutely loved painting and preparing the nursery. It gave me an excuse to shop, and spend hours searching online for paint colors, decor, and any inspiration I could find on Pinterest. I enjoyed perusing the stores and buying cute little decorations for her nursery (sorry bank account), and once it was done, I loved just standing in the doorway, dreaming of what our baby girl would be like. Many tears were shed. Because, hormones. 

Fellow moms, what do you miss (or not miss) about being pregnant? 

Drop me a comment! 



  1. I hated being pregnant and read anyways. #truelove Can't wait for tomorrow! Love this blog. Love you.

    1. Hehehe, you were the one I had in mind when I wrote that sentence. <3